California Professional Engineer

Allegheny Design Services’ employee Mike Howell is now a licensed California professional engineer.

Howell works as the senior structural engineer and Director of Sports and Recreation for ADS. His responsibilities include project management and structural design.  He has extensive engineering experience as a field engineer, a civil engineer and a structural engineer. (more…)

The Green Engineer’s Toolbox: Knowledge, Focus and Profit

Principles to Excel in Projects and Your New Job

Nothing was slow-paced about the internship that taught me the real world of civil engineering. Design in steel connections for the WVU Solar Decathlon team; foundation, base plate and main member design for a column relocation; analysis in barge assembly structures and temporary polyurethane platforms; a feasibility study for an office addition; major drafting reviews for a sports stadium renovation; and photo documentation for pedestrian bridges and multi-use residential projects.

The work done by just an intern has shown me the diversity and necessity that exists in structural engineering, and Allegheny Design Services‘ hands-on and can-do approach to projects of all sizes and forms. (more…)

What is a Standing Desk?

Why I Chose to “Take a Stand” at Work – My Experience with a Standing Desk

Earlier this summer, I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with some health issues related to circulation. Like many people, I spend the majority of my day behind a monitor at work.  Before this incident forced the issue to the forefront of my mind, I had spent some time reading about the side effects of sitting for a while. This lead to me trying different ways to address this with varying success…timers to remind me to stand, drinking more water, filling my water bottle half full to encourage more frequent trips to the cooler, etc.

But one of the problems I faced is that when I am full blown into the design of a project or hot-and-heavy in crunching numbers, distractions are not only unwanted – they are unproductive as well!  So I found myself frequently violating my self-imposed habits and binge sitting for two to three hours at a stretch.

After this incident, I decided I needed to make a more permanent change and go for a standing desk. (more…)

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