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Allegheny Design Services (ADS) provides Structural & MEP facility engineering design services to architects, industrial and commercial contractors, and owners. We service West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Washington DC, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Nebraska, and California.

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ADS Engineering has established itself as the leading multi-discipline engineering firm in West Virginia. Our reputation for responsiveness, competence, creativity and value is well-known.

We understand that engineering is not a stand-alone function, but a part of the design effort of the architect and other consultants. Our job doesn’t stop at the delivery of construction drawings. Understanding the construction process is as important. ADS is the link between the architects creativity and the efficient construction of the project.



Noisy LED Light Fixtures

Light fixtures with a LED light source are becoming the industry standard and will likely replace fluorescent lighting.

With the energy efficiency and relatively small size of LEDs, lighting manufacturers have a tremendous amount of flexibility to create different shapes and sizes of light fixtures. But with all of the advantages of LEDs, there are always some disadvantages.

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