How Do You Win More Building Projects?

60%.  That’s how much of a building’s cost typically falls under Structural and MEP systems.

If you want to win more building projects, consider how effective your design team is at delivering in these two areas.  When more than half of the building costs are going to depend on getting these two things right, having consultants who can deliver a high quality, well integrated design in each area is critical.

Combining Structural and MEP Consultants

There are a lot of consultants out there who can perform the adequate design of each of these systems.  But anyone who has experience in this field has been involved in a project where the integration of these two systems falls short.  And when there is inadequate integration, it means major cost impacts for the owner and ear-to-ear headaches for the architect managing the project!

Choosing to go with a consultant that offers structural and MEP under one roof offers you an unparalleled advantage–though in the level of service your design team can offer on a project.  Perhaps more so than any other two disciplines, making sure your structural and MEP engineers communicate well, coordinate models/drawings and have a well-balanced respect of each other’s needs and expertise is vital to being successful on a project.

If you want to win more projects, delivering a better quality design in these two critical areas is vital to your success. 

If you aren’t considering using a firm that has combined Structural and MEP engineering services on your project, ask yourself why.  If more than half of your building’s costs fall under these two disciplines, then giving your design team every chance to make sure they are coordinated is vital to performing better on projects.


“Overlaid structural and MEP Revit models on the Dominion Headquarters office building led to greater coordination between disciplines and fewer issues during construction”

Allegheny Design Services

At Allegheny Design Services, we’ve perfected the art of combining Structural and MEP Engineering into a winning combination that can help you win more projects.  Take a look at these great examples to see other ways we are offering this higher level of service to our clients here!

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Written by Michael Howell, PE, SE, MBA, Senior Structural Engineer, Director Sports & Recreation

mike-howellMike works as the Senior Structural Engineer for ADS. His responsibilities include project management and structural design. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and graduated with a master’s of business administration from West Virginia University in December of 2014. He has extensive engineering experience as a field engineer, a civil engineer and a structural engineer. He has served as a past branch president for the American Society of Civil Engineers and chairman of the Richmond Joint Engineers’ Council. He is a current member of the ASCE 7-16 Seismic Committee and is active in many other professional committees and civic organizations.