Humidity Control: A Key Factor in Human Comfort

Humidity ControlHave you walked outside recently and felt sticky as sweat starts to bead up on your forehead? In the summer, the relative humidity can seem unbearable. The HVAC field involves more than the acronym H (heating), V (ventilation) and AC (air conditioning) indicates. A key factor in human comfort is humidity control.     (more…)

Building a Stronger Design Team Means Winning More Sports Projects

Building a stronger design team is the key to winning more sports and athletic facility projects.  As an architect, how you build your design team often means having to choose a consultant based on either locality or experience.   Going with a local consultant does offer the advantage of having someone knowledgeable of the project and its managers.

However, when upwards of 60% of a facility’s cost falls under structural and MEP systems, choosing a consultant for these disciplines based only on geography is not the most strategic choice for building a better design team.


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