Computer Room Cooling

Data centers and IT rooms are where an organization’s IT equipment is housed, operated and managed.  IT equipment generates heat and will malfunction or fail when the heat is not removed.  This is where effective computer room cooling comes into play.


Modern Healthcare Facility HVAC Engineering

Have you ever wondered how healthcare facility HVAC systems are designed for a wide variety of services for their patients, guests, and healthcare workers?  The term “Healthcare facilities” is broad and can be divided into three building categories:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Outpatient Care
  3. Nursing Facilities

For the purposes of this blog, let’s consider hospital buildings. (more…)

Zoning a Single HVAC System and Zoning a Building

The primary function of an HVAC system is to generate and maintain comfort for occupants in a conditioned space. The best way to achieve comfort for everyone in an office, restaurant or home is through zoning. It is important to make the distinction between HVAC equipment zoning capabilities and building zoning requirements. (more…)

What is the Backbone to HVAC Design?

Being four months removed from college, my daily routine and work environment have significantly changed. I am no longer running to class, so I don’t miss the beginning of a lecture, scratching notes down as fast as they come out of the professors’ mouths and pulling late nights cramming material in hopes of passing the big exam with flying colors.

Now a days, I am assisting in design ideas, attending design meetings and putting designs on paper to be built. The keyword is design. Although college didn’t always require developing a specific, real world design from start to finish, it did require a lot of formulas and crunching numbers.  These tedious tasks are the backbone behind HVAC design.


What is the Most Efficient HVAC System?

How to select HVAC equipment for your next building project

We are commonly asked “what is the most efficient HVAC system?” The answer depends on multiple project related factors and equipment options that can vary the system efficiency. It’s important to select practical equipment options when comparing HVAC systems.

We will briefly explain some commonly used efficiency measurement terms and discuss airside options for constant volume rooftop units and indoor air handling units.