What is the Backbone to HVAC Design?

Being four months removed from college, my daily routine and work environment have significantly changed. I am no longer running to class, so I don’t miss the beginning of a lecture, scratching notes down as fast as they come out of the professors’ mouths and pulling late nights cramming material in hopes of passing the big exam with flying colors.

Now a days, I am assisting in design ideas, attending design meetings and putting designs on paper to be built. The keyword is design. Although college didn’t always require developing a specific, real world design from start to finish, it did require a lot of formulas and crunching numbers.  These tedious tasks are the backbone behind HVAC design.


Gracefully Flipping 50 Tons of Steel Like a Pancake

Building a structure made of steel takes a good bit of work. Design, construction planning and erection are all accounted for from conception to completion of a typical building project to withstand gravity loads, earthquakes, wind and snow. Now imagine that structure, still made out of steel, has to float in the water while carrying 1,500 tons or more. This is the daily business of Brownsville Marine Products, taking care of the assembly of these massive structures and almost literally “throwing” them into the river when completed (safely, of course).


What is the Most Important Component to Sport Facilities?


MEP Design in Sports: Proper Lighting is Essential

It is no secret that Americans are consuming sports entertainment more than ever before causing live sports television markets to skyrocket. With every grant of rights agreement reached, with every broadcasting bid won, the payouts continue to climb at alarming rates for all major sports. So does the pressure to perfectly present these programs.

The staffs of major television networks work painstaking hours to deliver a sublime viewing experience for the audience at home. While these production professionals have plenty of nifty Hollywood camera tricks up their sleeves, if the venue is not up to par, all of their efforts are for naught.

What is the Most Important Component to Sport Facilities?  Proper stadium infrastructure has the ability to enable the absolute best for athletic competition broadcasting and one of the most basic, yet most under appreciated aspects in the initial design phase for these venues, is lighting. (more…)

The Green Engineer’s Toolbox: Knowledge, Focus and Profit

Principles to Excel in Projects and Your New Job

Nothing was slow-paced about the internship that taught me the real world of civil engineering. Design in steel connections for the WVU Solar Decathlon team; foundation, base plate and main member design for a column relocation; analysis in barge assembly structures and temporary polyurethane platforms; a feasibility study for an office addition; major drafting reviews for a sports stadium renovation; and photo documentation for pedestrian bridges and multi-use residential projects.

The work done by just an intern has shown me the diversity and necessity that exists in structural engineering, and Allegheny Design Services‘ hands-on and can-do approach to projects of all sizes and forms. (more…)

What is a Standing Desk?

Why I Chose to “Take a Stand” at Work – My Experience with a Standing Desk

Earlier this summer, I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with some health issues related to circulation. Like many people, I spend the majority of my day behind a monitor at work.  Before this incident forced the issue to the forefront of my mind, I had spent some time reading about the side effects of sitting for a while. This lead to me trying different ways to address this with varying success…timers to remind me to stand, drinking more water, filling my water bottle half full to encourage more frequent trips to the cooler, etc.

But one of the problems I faced is that when I am full blown into the design of a project or hot-and-heavy in crunching numbers, distractions are not only unwanted – they are unproductive as well!  So I found myself frequently violating my self-imposed habits and binge sitting for two to three hours at a stretch.

After this incident, I decided I needed to make a more permanent change and go for a standing desk. (more…)

How to Choose a Consultant

Trouble Choosing the Right Consultant? Take a Look at their Desk…

Forrest Gump’s’ mama always said you could tell a lot about a person by their shoes; where they have gone, where they are going. In the consulting world, you can tell a lot about a consultant and how to choose a consultant by looking at their desk; what they have done and who they are.

For all of us desk-jockeys, our desk becomes an expression of ourselves and the company we work for. We personalize it, we organize it, we wash it (or don’t wash it), and we decorate it.  But very few people have stopped to think about what it says about them and how this information could be a valuable tool for choosing the right consultant or business partner on a project. (more…)

What is the Most Efficient HVAC System?

How to select HVAC equipment for your next building project

We are commonly asked “what is the most efficient HVAC system?” The answer depends on multiple project related factors and equipment options that can vary the system efficiency. It’s important to select practical equipment options when comparing HVAC systems.

We will briefly explain some commonly used efficiency measurement terms and discuss airside options for constant volume rooftop units and indoor air handling units.