Allegheny Design Services Gives $500 to Children’s Discovery Museum

Allegheny Design Services has given $500 to the Children’s Discovery Museum of West Virginia, located at the Mountaineer Mall in Morgantown, West Virginia.

The museum supports parents and caregivers in their desire to actively participate in their children’s learning.  It operates on admission, memberships, donations, grants and sponsorships.


The role of an Engineer of Record on a project

The role of an Engineer of Record (E.O.R.) on a commercial Design-Bid–Build Project is well defined. But when it comes to Fast Track and smaller building projects this is not always the case.

In the interest of “cost savings” and schedule the involvement of the E.O.R. becomes somewhat less defined. At times, too much reliance is placed on the Specialty or Component Engineer by the Owner or Contractor.


What is Q-Deck? What contractors should know.

The term “Q-Deck” has become synonymous with many different types of decking much like the term ‘Kleenex’ has come to be known for any type of tissue paper.  The answer in this case though is a common misconception among contractors and engineers.  Metal floor and roof deck is available in many types, heights, and thicknesses but builders that use the term “Q-Deck” often are not sure what type of deck they are talking about.  The truth is – there is no such thing as Q-Deck!  Our research has determined that the term “Q-Deck” most likely refers to the Robertson “Q” decking series manufactured as far back as the 1960’s.  Unfortunately though, this description has now come to be a generic description of any type of metal deck.

Instead of looking for Q-Deck, contractors should reference deck by it’s more proper nomenclature.  If there is no design document available, the contractor needs to know the specific function of the deck in addition to its required height and span before placing an order.  To help them narrow down their choices though, here are the most common types of deck that are typically used in construction: