What is the Backbone to HVAC Design?

Being four months removed from college, my daily routine and work environment have significantly changed. I am no longer running to class, so I don’t miss the beginning of a lecture, scratching notes down as fast as they come out of the professors’ mouths and pulling late nights cramming material in hopes of passing the big exam with flying colors.

Now a days, I am assisting in design ideas, attending design meetings and putting designs on paper to be built. The keyword is design. Although college didn’t always require developing a specific, real world design from start to finish, it did require a lot of formulas and crunching numbers.  These tedious tasks are the backbone behind HVAC design.


The Exhausting Effect of the Holidays

Holidays are often associated with family, friends and food.  Whether you are furiously working in the kitchen or anxiously awaiting mealtime, HVAC systems can play a major role during the holiday season.

Kitchen ventilation is achieved using range hoods.  Range exhaust hoods remove cooking byproducts such as heat and odors by filtering and exhausting them outside.  (more…)