California Professional Engineer

Allegheny Design Services’ employee Mike Howell is now a licensed California professional engineer.

Howell works as the senior structural engineer and Director of Sports and Recreation for ADS. His responsibilities include project management and structural design.  He has extensive engineering experience as a field engineer, a civil engineer and a structural engineer. (more…)

San Andreas Movie: A Structural Engineer’s Perspective

During a recent trip, I decided to rent the movie “San Andreas” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Paul Giamatti.  The movie follows a rescue pilot (Johnson) during a series of large earthquakes stretching from Las Vegas to San Francisco along the San Andreas Fault as he tries to save members of his family.  Overall, it was entertaining and worth watching.  But the engineer in me couldn’t resist noticing the way the movie depicted how a seismic event would impact the buildings, bridges and structures in the movie’s principle setting of San Francisco.

In the movie. it seemed as though nearly every skyscraper toppled over, broke in half or split vertically into two sections; a rather bleak outlook for modern construction.  But is this really how we can expect our modern buildings to behave in a serious earthquake or during “the big one?” (more…)

Computer Room Cooling

Data centers and IT rooms are where an organization’s IT equipment is housed, operated and managed.  IT equipment generates heat and will malfunction or fail when the heat is not removed.  This is where effective computer room cooling comes into play.


Modern Healthcare Facility HVAC Engineering

Have you ever wondered how healthcare facility HVAC systems are designed for a wide variety of services for their patients, guests, and healthcare workers?  The term “Healthcare facilities” is broad and can be divided into three building categories:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Outpatient Care
  3. Nursing Facilities

For the purposes of this blog, let’s consider hospital buildings. (more…)

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