Humidity Control: A Key Factor in Human Comfort

Humidity ControlHave you walked outside recently and felt sticky as sweat starts to bead up on your forehead? In the summer, the relative humidity can seem unbearable. The HVAC field involves more than the acronym H (heating), V (ventilation) and AC (air conditioning) indicates. A key factor in human comfort is humidity control.     (more…)

Keeping Construction Costs Low

The topic of this blog is being featured as an Industry Roundtable at the 2016 Digital Signage Convention in Las Vegas, NV.  Session IRT5, booth 3040.  #DSE2016

If you are in the construction or development industry, you’ve seen projects where the cost of construction spirals out of control.  This can lead to projects that are over budget and often run out of time due to delays. But whether you are an owner, a vendor or even a designer, there are several things you can do for keeping construction costs low. (more…)

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