Is a Mezzanine Right for You? Challenges of Mezzanine Design

Have you outgrown your current premises and need to find a way to expand your storage capacity? Or need more office space for meetings? The usual answer to this problem is to look for an alternative accommodation. However, this process can be both time consuming and expensive. For some businesses, a move just doesn’t make sense, so what alternatives are available? In short, building a mezzanine may be the best solution. Allegheny Design Services has plenty of mezzanine design experience and can customize them to meet any of your needs. (more…)

Keeping Construction Costs Low

The topic of this blog is being featured as an Industry Roundtable at the 2016 Digital Signage Convention in Las Vegas, NV.  Session IRT5, booth 3040.  #DSE2016

If you are in the construction or development industry, you’ve seen projects where the cost of construction spirals out of control.  This can lead to projects that are over budget and often run out of time due to delays. But whether you are an owner, a vendor or even a designer, there are several things you can do for keeping construction costs low. (more…)

California Professional Engineer

Allegheny Design Services’ employee Mike Howell is now a licensed California professional engineer.

Howell works as the senior structural engineer and Director of Sports and Recreation for ADS. His responsibilities include project management and structural design.  He has extensive engineering experience as a field engineer, a civil engineer and a structural engineer. (more…)

Gracefully Flipping 50 Tons of Steel Like a Pancake

Building a structure made of steel takes a good bit of work. Design, construction planning and erection are all accounted for from conception to completion of a typical building project to withstand gravity loads, earthquakes, wind and snow. Now imagine that structure, still made out of steel, has to float in the water while carrying 1,500 tons or more. This is the daily business of Brownsville Marine Products, taking care of the assembly of these massive structures and almost literally “throwing” them into the river when completed (safely, of course).